Chris P.

“Michael Bellanti was my lawyer for a car accident case many years ago. He did such a great job I have recommended him to my family and friends for other cases. I will always call him when I have a problem.”

Jennifer R.

“I was involved in a car accident and my insurance company placed a surcharge on me that increased my insurance bill. Atty. Bellanti represented me at the surcharge appeal hearing and we won! My bill was adjusted and rolled back to what it was before the...

Mark B.

“Michael Bellanti handled an auto accident case for me a few years ago. He always returned my calls and was available to answer my questions. When the case was over I was thrilled with the settlement I received.”

Tara C.

“I slipped and fell on the front steps of my sister’s apartment building, and I broke my leg. Atty. Michael Bellanti handled the case for more than I ever thought I would get. I would recommend Atty. Bellanti for any case like mine.”

Amy B.

“Atty. Bellanti represented me for a car accident last year. He made sure all my bills were paid and my car was fixed. Most importantly, I was very happy with my settlement!”